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Byte vs. NewSmile

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You can warm up quickly to others by having that lovely, beautiful smile. It disarms even the most reserved person. It makes you likable and makes most people amiable. It gives you confidence and makes other people confident in you. A lovely beautiful smile can always go a long way in having a warm relationship with others.


But for health and hygiene purposes, a warm smile also tells a lot. Shiny, white, straight teeth are a good indicator of health and well-being, and a nice pair of teeth is a good indicator of healthy habits and lifestyles. For these reasons, one can say that having that lovely smile is not just desirable; it is a necessity.

With the advancement of dental health technology, having straight, white teeth is no longer a problem, especially for those with various teeth misalignment conditions. You can easily avail of dental health procedures or teeth misalignment treatment at affordable costs.


Clear aligners are one of the dental appliances in demand and of great help. They are easy to wear, comfortable, and affordable at most times. Wearing them allows you to be on the way to a friendly, lovely smile without much of the hassle of others, such as traditional braces.


Here, we will compare two brands in the market: Byte and NewSmile, and will help you decide which brand could be appropriate for you.

But first, what are clear aligners?

Clear aligners over teeth.jpeg

Clear aligners are one of the most sought-after dental appliances today.

Clear aligners are dental appliances that can help you straighten your teeth or treat other teeth misalignment conditions. Clear aligners work by putting your teeth in the proper position, and the clear aligners do so by moving your teeth in increments in a precise, accurate manner.


Among the conditions which clear aligners deal with are: gapped tooth, underbite, overbite, crowded teeth, and other cases of teeth misalignment. Whereas before, they could only treat a few mild and minor issues such as crowding, now they can fix an array of teeth misalignment conditions.

Many consider clear aligners as a far better alternative to traditional braces. Traditional braces are pretty expensive, uncomfortable, and sometimes genuinely impractical. Imagine having metal wires on your teeth for an extended period, and you get the drift. Though one might need it in severe, extreme cases, some can look for other alternatives for mild cases.

What are clear aligners?

The advantage of clear aligners over traditional braces

So why wear clear aligners? Here are some of the pros of preferring clear aligners over traditional braces:


  • They are less expensive compared to traditional braces

  • But could be as effective and efficient

  • More comfortable, easy to wear, do not irritate the gums and cheeks

  • Comfortable too because you do not have to deal with metals and wires

  • More efficient in eliminating tooth wear due to grinding

  • Maintenance is easy compared to traditional braces. You can remove it and clean it easily and quickly.

  • It can treat your teeth' misalignment condition in a shorter period compared to traditional braces.

  • The whole process of acquiring clear aligners could be done in the comfort of your home.

Hence, the clear aligners as a perfect substitute. You can have straight teeth, and since many offer whitening packages, you can finally have those shiny white teeth. The result is a beautiful, lovely smile for yourself.


But not all clear aligners are the same. Thus, we compare Byte and NewSmile and let us see which among the two provides a better alternative to traditional braces. And which among the two could give you the best package.

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Wearing traditional braces is too much uncomfortable for many.


Byte Vs. NewSmile


Byte is a company based in Los Angles and has a nationwide network of dentists and orthodontists. Established in 2017, Byte promises to make the dream smile of many become a reality by making it accessible to everyone anywhere in the country. One of the core values they promote is democratizing oral healthcare.


True to their mantra, they provide a comprehensive package to everyone. Byte can do so by having flexible paying arrangements through FSA or working out a financial package to suit your needs.


Byte promises to treat your teeth misalignment in four months. They also have an array of products. Aside from clear aligners, they also sell whiteners, cleansers, a Hyperbite device, and retainers. They also have a "protection plan," a coverage for maintaining your teeth healthy for up to five years.


To know if you are a candidate, you have to answer a quick assessment test. Question ranges from your needed motivation in having clear aligners to dental appliances you have previously worn. They will also ask what particular teeth misalignment condition you have and whether your teeth have previously undergone dental work.

From ordering one to wearing one: How do Byte clear aligners work?

Here is the step by step guide on how to avail clear aligners from Byte:


Step 1: Answer their quick assessment exam, then submit to their website your answers.


Byte must know your oral health condition and the teeth misalignment problems to know if you are a candidate or qualified to have clear aligners.


Step 2: If you pass, they will send you the impression kit.

dental impressions -452696967-612x612.jpeg

Before, you need to go to the dentist to make teeth impressions. Now it is possible to do it at home.

You must follow the instructions on the impression kit to have the proper, accurate teeth impression.


Step 3: Making the aligner


Byte will design the aligner and recommend a treatment plan based on the teeth impressions you have submitted. A licensed dentist or orthodontist will approve the design and treatment plan.


You will need to wait for 5-7 weeks before you have your aligners and start your treatment.


Step 4: Tracking your progress


Using the latest remote technology, Byte will track your progress as you undergo treatment, usually for four months.


Important Reminder: You need to answer all the questions in the assessment exam as honestly as you can. Wrong or dishonest answers might affect the assessment and impact your clear alignment treatment.



  • The materials for clear aligners are FDA approved and comfortable to wear.

  • All aligner kits include Hyperbite, a high-frequency vibration device that helps in your treatment.

  • They have an app for monitoring and tracking your progress.

  • You must wear the all-day aligner for 22 hours for at least four months.

  • You must wear at night aligners for 10 hours a day for at least five months.

  • An all-day aligner system costs a one-time payment of $1,895. With a down payment of $349 and at 83 dollars a month for at least 29 months, it can cost more than 2,700 dollars with interest.

  • An at-night aligner system costs 2,295 dollars. With a down payment of $449 and at 99 dollars a month, it could cost more than 3,300 dollars with interest.


  • Byte wants its products accessible to anybody, so they provide various financial plans to accommodate as many patients as possible.

  • They use high technology for remote monitoring and tracking the progress of treatment.

  • They actively promote diversity and inclusivity in choosing their clients and helps democratize oral health care by making it available to many.

  • Retainers are free.

  • Their customer support service is available daily.

  • A refund is available for the impression kit if you do not qualify.

  • It claims to give faster results than other at-home clear aligner competitors.

  • It costs less than traditional braces.

  • You can have an entirely at-home clear alignment treatment for you.


  • Byte is not suitable for those who want direct intervention or prefer going to dental offices.

  • Byte's at-home invisible aligners are only for mild to moderate cases.

  • Byte's price is 50% more for one-time payment, while their Monthly Plan 200% - 300% more for All-Day Aligners at $2,869, and At-Night Aligners for $3,467 (both incl. Byte protection plan).

The Verdict

Byte wants to democratize oral health care, and one way to do so is to make dental appliances such as clear aligners available to qualified people. They provide various payment options and flexible financial plans for those who want clear alignment treatment.


Looking at what they truly bring to the table talking about clear aligners, here are some observations worthy of note:


  • The dental technology they use, and the services they render, might justify their pricing. But dental technology is already available to many. It does not give them a comparative advantage; those technologies are widely available.

  • Though they may be faster in delivering results than others, quality issues and effectiveness remain. Delivering results is entirely different from having satisfying results. There are some questions concerning long-term effects and the actual efficiency of Byte or other at-home clear aligners.

  • Their strength is that they can treat minor and moderate teeth misalignment in four months at a price that could be said to be affordable. But the pricing could still be up north compared with other clear aligner brands.

But in delivering what they promise, Byte could still be one of the better brands around. However, our goal is to compare it with NewSmile, and we have to see what NewSmile offers in comparison to what Byte brings to the table.


If you want to inquire about Byte, their clear aligners and teeth misalignment treatment plan, or ask them some questions, you can visit their website, and they will be more than willing to extend help. You can also look at their other products and services on their website.


NewSmile is a company based in Canada and has recently expanded its operations into the US. It is one of the emerging brands in dental appliances, specializing in at-home invisible aligners. Like Byte, NewSmile also boasts a comprehensive payment plan for their clients, reaching as many patients as possible.


They offer far less expensive invisible aligners, far more comfortable than others offered in the market. They also offer remote clear alignment treatment, which means they can track your progress once you start wearing their aligners.


Some can easily qualify for clear alignment treatment with NewSmile. Among those people are those adults and teenagers who have gaps in their teeth, overbite or underbite. Patients who have overlapping and overcrowding in their teeth and minor issues in spacing and biting would also benefit.

Screen Shot 2022-04-24 at 4.34.46 PM.png

It is completely possible to treat some teeth misalignment conditions without going to the dental office, unlike before.

You may need braces if you indeed have a severe or extreme case of teeth misalignment. But NewSmile is best for mild and moderate teeth misalignment conditions. To know if you are the perfect candidate for clear alignment treatment, you need to answer a "Smile Assessment Quiz" for them to gauge your teeth condition properly.


In any case, you passed, used their impression kit, and for some reason did not qualify; NewSmile will give you a refund.

From ordering to wearing one: How does NewSmile work?

Here is the step by step guide on how to avail clear aligners from NewSmile:


Step 1: Answer the "Smile Assessment Quiz"

You must answer some questions to assess your overall teeth condition properly. They will ask you to smile, take some photos, and ask you about what you are expecting concerning your clear alignment treatment. Once you pass the assessment, they can now send you the impression kit.


Step 2: You have to make your teeth impressions


The impression allows you to make a mold of your teeth. They will use it to make your clear aligners. You need to send it back so NewSmile can start making your virtual treatment preview.


Step 3: Looking at your "Virtual Treatment Preview"


NewSmile will make a 3d animation of your smile based on teeth impressions. They will show your teeth from the initial inception of the treatment to a projection of how the teeth will straighten as you progress in the treatment. Using the treatment preview, you can see how you will look from the beginning to the end of the treatment.


You can ask questions to the specialist, and the specialist can make some adjustments. After you have settled everything, NewSmile can now create clear aligners for your treatment.

Step 4: Having your aligners


You can receive your first aligner a few weeks after settling everything. NewSmile can track your progress remotely using an app. You need to follow the instructions faithfully and diligently to have the desired results. You can have freebies such as a whitening kit and retainers together with your clear aligners.


Important Reminder: The presence of other dental applications, like dental crowns, other implants, or the like, might impact the movement of your teeth. You could be unqualified for NewSmile invisible aligners because of this. You need to talk to your dentist about the best option.



  • NewSmile clear aligners are BPA-free and latex-free and FDA approved.

  • The materials used to make clear aligners make it more comfortable than others and suitable for oral health.

  • The materials of NewSmile clear aligners dramatically reduce the possibility of gum irritation.

  • It has remote monitoring, which checks on your progress in the treatment. You can check it using the NewSmile app.

  • You can consult a specialist using video call.

  • Online support is always available, and customer service is available 24/7.

  • The day aligners one-time payment costs $1,395, while monthly instalment can cost 83 dollars a month for 18 months. For nightly aligners, it can cost $1,495, with monthly payment costing around $88 dollars a month for 18 months.


  • They have one of the clearest, most transparent clear aligners.

  • You can take the "Smile Assessment Quiz" anytime you want, at your convenience, but NewSmile always replies promptly.

  • You get a refund if you do not qualify for NewSmile clear alignment treatment.

  • Cost way less than traditional braces.

  • You do not need to visit a dental office regularly.

Taking impressions from home_2022-01-29a

A dental office will never go obsolete of course, but there are procedures that could be done at home.

  • A specialist is always available to assist you.

  • Customer service is always available to give you help. They are always reliable and can assist you anytime, anywhere, and answer your queries and question.


  • NewSmile clear aligners are only for mild and moderate cases. Unfortunately, those with extreme or severe teeth misalignment conditions are not qualified for the clear alignment treatment.

  • They are convenient and comfortable to wear. Cleaning the clear aligners might need time and may be inconvenient for some people compared to other alternatives such as traditional braces.

The Verdict

Passing the Smile Assessment Quiz will start the ball rolling in acquiring your clear aligners from NewSmile. After this, you should not have any trouble having their clear alignment treatment.


But again, you must consult with your dentist and clear some oral health issues if you ever have one. Specialists are the ones in the best position to assess what is good or best for you.


Here are some worthy observations concerning NewSmile:


  • You can have their clear aligners at a lesser cost than traditional braces and other clear aligner brands.

  • They are practical and very efficient despite costing less.

  • They have flexible payment options available, one-time payments or monthly installments.

  • The company concentrates on those with mild and moderate teeth misalignment cases. Resources, knowledge, and technology are geared toward solving those issues.

  • They have more freebies compared to other brands.

free retainers__49552.webp

Retainers are among the freebies offered by some clear alignment brands.

  • They have reliable, friendly, round-the-clock customer service.

  • You can have at-home clear alignment treatment throughout.


If you want to have your clear aligners from NewSmile, or have questions or inquiries, pay a visit to their website, They would be more than willing to answer your queries concerning clear aligners and clear alignment treatment.

Use the discount code STARTJOURNEY for $100 OFF when you get started

Some Frequently Asked Questions about clear aligners

  • Can I get aligners without consulting a dentist?
    Never fail to consult your dentist in matters concerning oral health. It would be best to consult a dental professional before ordering clear aligners. They will help you with the pros and cons and help you achieve the desired results concerning straightening your teeth and oral health.
  • How long do I have to wear aligners?
    Depending on the individual's need, one may wear aligners from a couple of months to a year. One may need to wear it for 8-10 months for those wearing night aligners.
  • Should I keep my Invisible Aligners?
    Yes, keep them. Never throw your aligners away, even after the step, and you might need them later to back track. Always keep them safe and away from pets and children.
  • Can I get aligners if I have a missing tooth?
    Yes, you can.
  • How can I keep my aligners clean?
    You must keep your aligners clean by ensuring that your mouth is clean. Brush and floss your teeth always before wearing your aligners to keep them clean and avoid plaque and bacteria build-up. Avoid habits that may stain your teeth, like smoking and drinking sodas and coffee. Also, ask your dentist about cleaning solutions for your aligners.
  • How long do I need to wear aligners?
    It depends on the severity of the teeth misalignment condition. But usually, you will need to wear it within four to six months. The average is five months for night aligners, but some may need to wear it for eight to ten months, depending on the case.
  • Can I speed up the treatment?
    No, you can't. Clear aligners are designed to move your teeth and put them in position slowly and in increments at proper intervals. It can negatively impact your treatment if you speed up the process and might cause damage to your teeth and gums.
  • Is clear alignment treatment safe?
    It is safe. Materials used for making clear aligners are all FDA-approved and deemed fit for oral wear. However, it would be best to consult your dentist first before having a clear aligner treatment. Upon wearing clear aligners, you might have other preexisting conditions that may impact your overall oral health.
  • Can I get these clear aligners outside of the United States?
    Yes, some brands deliver outside of the country, while others have branches worldwide.
  • How do I keep my clear aligners clean?
    Some habits like constant drinking of coffee might stain your teeth. Make sure that your mouth is clean before wearing them. You must brush and floss your teeth constantly before wearing your aligners to prevent plaque and bacteria buildup. Some habits, like drinking tea, coffee, or sodas, and smoking, may stain your teeth, so minimize their consumption as much as possible. Some cleaning solutions are also available and made specifically for cleaning clear aligners. You can ask your dentist about it.
  • How can I know if I am fit to have clear aligners?
    You need to answer some questions. In the case of NewSmile, take the "Smile Assessment Quiz" to know if you are a perfect candidate to wear their clear aligners.
  • What comes with my clear aligners?
    Aligners usually come with a set of retainers and a whitening kit. Some brands offer it as freebies while others do not.

Final Thoughts

Byte and NewSmile almost have the same offer for clear aligners, and both are relatively new in the field but are already taking the lead in making clear aligners available for many. They provide flexible payment options for people who want to undergo clear alignment treatment.


They both concentrate on mild and moderate cases of teeth misalignment. They use advanced, up-to-date technology, from assessing the patient to giving the patient a preview. They make projections of progress if one ever decides to undergo treatment. Finally, the aligners do the trick, giving the patient a lovely smile they wanted.

There may not be a big difference in service, technology, and the desire to make it available to those who need it. But one thing gives NewSmile a distinct but significant advantage over Byte.


NewSmile is far less expensive than Byte, with NewSmile costing 50-300% percent less than the latter. This difference in price is highest if one pays for Byte clear aligners in monthly instalments. The gap in pricing significantly makes NewSmile more enticing than the other, and we have to mention too that NewSmile offers more freebies.

They offer clear aligners, both products of advanced technology and advanced scientific techniques, with the same efficiency. But you can have one at a lesser price, with more freebies. The choice is obvious, and we pick NewSmile.














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Dr. Shadi Hosseini, DDS

A teledentistry enthusiast, Dr. Shadi Hosseini has been featured on Good Morning America, as well as Men's Health Magazine. She has practiced in multiple states including cities such as  Manhattan, NY, and Beverly Hills, CA. She brings over 15 years of experience being an Invisalign Gold provider.



Top dentists and orthodontists will provide opinions so that you can make your choice.

We ask licensed doctors for their opinions, and share them with you.

With the increased popularity of at-home clear aligners in recent years, we took an opportunity to provide valuable opinions for those that want to learn more. We aim to educate those who have always wanted a straighter, and more beautiful smile, and functional teeth for your whole life. It doesn’t matter what mistakes you’ve made in the past, or what you didn’t know before. Your mouth can heal itself, and it’s not too late to begin!

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