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Candid vs. NewSmile


Who doesn't want to flaunt that attractive smile? Everyone desires to have that perfect smile, but not everyone has the confidence to do so. Why? Some people don't have the confidence because of crooked or misaligned teeth that ruin their smiles.

Luckily, nowadays, you can have that confident and admirable smile, too, thanks to the help of orthodontic devices called clear aligners. Clear aligners will be ideal if you don't suffer from severe teeth overcrowding issues. Likewise, they're great alternatives for transforming minor crooked teeth into straight ones.

There are several clear aligner producers these days, making it challenging to select which one is better for your condition. This post will compare two popular clear aligner brands: NewSmile vs. Candid.

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What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are thin trays that are custom-built to ensure a tight fit. One of the reasons they're better options than metal braces is that they are removable.

If you opt for clear aligners, you need to put them in and take them out. Aligners work the same way as metal braces; they move your teeth with gentle and constant pressure.

Please be guided that clear aligners are not for everyone. It's essential to consult a dentist or orthodontist who can help you decide if it's the right choice for your condition.


Clear aligners are most recommended for teens and adults suffering from minor spacing issues or mild to moderately crowded teeth.

A more intricate treatment is necessary for severe spacing and crowding, crossbites, overbites, and underbites issues.

What are clear aligners?

Why are clear aligners considered excellent alternatives?

Clear aligners help you practice improved oral hygiene.


Since clear aligners are removable, they promote a more enhanced oral hygiene during the entire treatment period.

You don't need to feel uncomfortable seeing food particles stuck on your teeth, unlike when wearing metal braces.

They make it effortless for you to maintain proper oral hygiene because you can floss and brush your teeth properly after each meal as you usually would.

Clear aligners don't require frequent orthodontic or dentist visits.


It's unnecessary to see your orthodontist for adjustments since aligners don't use wires or brackets that sometimes get loose. Therefore, you don't need to worry about frequent emergency visits and repairs.

Clear aligners are reliable in addressing several forms of malocclusion.


Invisible dental aligners are adept at slowly repositioning your teeth in the jaw bone, allowing them to appear straight, aligned, and function correctly.

Clear aligners are invisible; you can smile with more confidence.


Some people wearing metal braces feel unconfident whenever they smile because they're too obvious. But, since clear aligners are invisible, people can hardly tell you're wearing them.

Clear aligners are less pricey alternatives.


In many cases, invisible dental aligners are much more reasonably priced than other types of teeth straightening treatments.

Before getting one, it's best to discuss the overall cost of clear aligner treatment with your orthodontics. One thing is sure; clear aligners are not as costly as other treatments.

Clear aligners can guarantee quick treatment and positive results.


The entire aligner treatment takes less than a year, depending on your condition. Your treatment largely depends on several factors; however, they're commonly a quicker solution than other types of teeth straightening options.

To ensure desired results and avoid extending the length of your treatment, make sure that you wear your aligners as instructed by your orthodontics.


NewSmile versus Candid Clear Aligners


With offices in Canada and the USA, NewSmile is a new brand but, surprisingly, is becoming very popular for its quality service. More people refer to this company because they allow their patients to pay the aligner treatment on an installment basis or full payment as they wish.

Having the freedom to choose which payment mode fits you well is undoubtedly comforting. And, since some people skip having their teeth examined due to expensive costs, NewSmile ensures that everyone can get an aligner treatment at a much cheaper cost. Hence, the company offers opportunities for everyone, even those with a limited budget.

This company has attracted more people to have their dental concerns addressed and solved. Many people have benefitted from their treatments, such as low-cost alignment treatment, fast processing, door-to-door delivery, and risk-free guarantee offer.

You have nothing to worry about because you can request a refund if their orthodontics find out you're not a good fit for their aligner treatment.

How to get started with NewSmile's clear alignment treatment?

You may visit to determine if you're qualified for at-home aligner treatment. First, you will be asked to take the NewSmile assessment quiz.

Once you have completed the assessment quiz, you need to enter your payment details before they send you the impression kit.

Upon receiving the impression kit sent to you, create the DIY mold impression of your teeth. When finished, please send it back to NewSmile so they can finalize your treatment preview.

To avoid issues when creating your DIY teeth impression, go over NewSmile's blog for some helpful cues.

After they have examined your teeth impression, you will receive the virtual treatment review in a 3D animation form of your current smile. NewSmile will also discuss your entire treatment and transformation.

If you have queries or issues, don't hesitate to consult their impression specialist, who is available through a video call. Their dental specialists can address your concerns and consider further changes before preparing your aligners.

Lastly, when everything is carefully checked and adjusted, confirm your order so they can send you your aligners through the mail.

You need to strictly follow the instructions to attain positive outcomes and avoid extending your treatment.

What to keep in mind before going for NewSmile aligner treatment?

Dental crowns, implants, and bridges can intervene with the movement of your teeth; as a result, you might not qualify for NewSmile. To avoid any conflicts, be sure to have your oral health concerns examined first.

Consider discussing with your orthodontic if a wisdom tooth extraction is advised if you plan for at-home aligner treatment.



  • The NewSmile™ Aligner Monitoring App is designed to monitor their patients' progress.

  • At-home aligners that feature scalloped edges, which are ideal for gum irritation prevention

  • Free teeth whitening that costs $39

  • FDA-approved, BPA-free, latex-free, and the most transparent aligners available today

  • Free retainers that cost $149

  • Video call with an impression specialist to ensure more accuracy when creating teeth impression

  • They accept HSA & FSA.

  • Night aligners that function identically with day aligners


  • NewSmile's aligner treatment is 75% less pricey than other brands, making it incredibly affordable to their in-office and at-home competitors.

  • Dentist-directed treatment and outstanding seven-day online support

  • The company offers a financing plan that doesn't call for a credit check, making their aligner treatment reasonable and accessible for many people.

  • NewSmile has a risk-free guarantee offer, and you can get a refund for impressions if you're not qualified for their treatment.

  • Their four to six months alignment schedule is advantageous, especially for those who do not prefer extended treatments.

  • You get many freebies, such as impression and teeth whitening kits and retainers. You can't get these great bonuses from other at-home aligner companies.

  • Patients can decide if they prefer a nighttime treatment, wherein you only wear the aligners at night. This option is perfect for those who don't want others to know about their aligner treatment.


  • NewSmile's clear aligners are recommended for mild to moderate teeth misalignment cases. Hence, patients with extreme teeth misalignment concerns require more extensive dental procedures or treatments.

  • The company does not have any retail areas where patients can resort to an in-office teeth scan. Some people don't prefer at-home impression kits and are more comfortable getting a professional scan.

  • The company's nighttime aligners require an extended treatment time of six to eight months. Furthermore, there are some concerns about the safety of wearing nighttime aligners.

  • Their at-home aligners might not be ideal for patients who need an orthodontic or dental specialist intervention.

  • Since NewSmile is a new brand, searching for exhaustive reviews from trusted third-party sites is challenging. It's best to see more detailed reviews, although the company receives more positive feedback.



It's easy to get started with NewSmile because they provide straightforward instructions to guide you from start to finish. You can instantly tell if you're qualified or not through their online assessment quiz.

Once you have completed the process, acquiring their aligner treatment is a cinch. The company also offers reasonable payment options that let you decide to pay in an installment mode or in full, making their treatment ideal, especially for those with a limited budget.

Their very affordable clear aligner treatment offers opportunities for more people to get their teeth misalignment concerns addressed and fixed. However, your oral health concerns must be examined first before starting an at-home aligner treatment.

Talk to your orthodontic first if you have dental crowns, implants, wisdom teeth, and bridges. These factors may affect your aligner treatment, and dental specialists need to know these concerns to develop with the best assessment regarding the best solution for you.

In addition, you can enjoy receiving more freebies from NewSmile, such as teeth whitening kits and retainers. Luckily, you can get in touch with them instantly, for they are commended for their dependable, always available, and friendly customer service. They offer 7-day online support, where you can get the assistance and answers you need in case of emergencies and confusion.

Should you wish to dig up more info about what NewSmile can offer you, please refer to their official website at They have specialists and friendly staff waiting for you, all set to provide you with further details and guidance you need anytime.

Use the discount code STARTJOURNEY for $100 OFF when you get started


This company collaborated with licensed dental professionals to produce first-rate clear dental aligners for their patients. Prominent orthodontists developed Candid's methodology to make orthodontic treatment straightforward for doctors and patients.

At present, Candid does not offer at-home impression kits anymore. They're offering a hybrid option for people who prefer the convenience of at-home teeth straightening treatment without compromising safety and the quality of care.

Candid aligners are suitable for treating minor to severe teeth alignment concerns. In particular, they can treat gapped teeth, crowded teeth, and crooked teeth.

What to keep in mind before going for Candid aligner treatment?

When it comes to Candid Aligners Guarantee, the only means to attain a full refund is if your dental specialist finds out that you're not a candidate for their aligner treatment.

Please keep in mind that there isn't a way to attain a refund when you start the treatment with Candid.

How do you get started with Candid?

First, they will require you to have an initial consultation administered by a licensed orthodontist/dentist (CandidPro provider). They will scan your bite digitally and take your impressions.

A Candid orthodontist will design your treatment plan, and he will monitor your progress remotely through CandidMonitoring™. Every two weeks, you're responsible for sending your progress photos in detail via the CandidScan, already contained in the treatment package.

It would help if you linked the box to your smartphone to capture images of your tooth movement. When you submit your progress photos, you will receive a reply from your orthodontist the same day. Your orthodontist will determine if it is okay for you to proceed to the next aligner set.

Please note that the length of your aligner treatment largely depends on how severe your bite problems are. Nevertheless, Candid treatment typically takes between four and twelve months.

You need to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours per day for better results. You will only remove them when you eat, floss, and brush.

Candid recommends rotating your new clear aligners every two weeks before hitting the sack to lessen discomfort. To ensure that your teeth are aligned accordingly, and you're happy with the outcome, you may see your treatment provider at the end of the treatment.


  • Reliable remote monitoring and teledentistry services

  • Several physical locations to visit

  • Comprehensive in-person scan facilitated by licensed orthodontists only

  • Accepts FSA, HSA, and other insurance

  •  Free whitening foam

  • Frequent discounts on impression kit

  • 9 to 7 EST (all week) Available Customer Service


  • Candid candidates are discreetly picked based on eligibility. The company mostly accepts patients with minor to severe teeth misalignment concerns.

  • A licensed orthodontist will administer your aligner treatment with a minimum of 20 years of experience in the teeth straightening industry.

  • Candid's dental specialists design the treatment plans for their patients.

  • Their aligner treatment generally takes between four and twelve months, faster than other aligner treatments. (Note: The length of your treatment mainly relies on several factors, such as the severity of your teeth misalignment issues).

  • Candid uses gilt-edge aligner technology and top-quality diagnostic standards to save more time, treat more patients, and attain a greater return on investment.

  • Patients are provided with payment plans that suit them best, depending on the provider.


  • On average, Candid clear aligners cost $3,300, depending on the provider. This is more expensive than other aligner treatments other brands provide. Therefore, their aligner treatment is not the most affordable option for people with a limited budget.

  • Candid doesn't offer in-office visits throughout your aligner treatment.

  • The company does not offer an at-home impression kit option.

  • You need to pay extra for their replacement retainers, unlike in NewSmile, where you can get them for free.

  • Contrary to Candid's claim for their "always available customer service," many reviews claim their customer service is not the best.

  • They don't offer nighttime-only aligners because they are not certified safe to use.


While licensed dental specialists administer Candid's aligner treatment, they don't offer the most reasonably priced treatment, especially for patients with a limited budget.

The potential candidates for their treatment are primarily patients with mild to severe teeth spacing issues but exclude those with severe jaw misalignment issues. Before getting started, you need to undergo an in-person consultation with their licensed CandidPro provider.

With Candid, patients can rest assured that licensed dental specialists will devise their treatment plans and monitor their progress by reviewing their teeth scans every two weeks through CandidApp. Their remote scans only take a few minutes to finish, and an office visit is unnecessary after the consultation.

Candid aligners are transparent, so they don't feature wires and buttons visible on your teeth. Depending on the severity of your teeth misalignment case, the entire treatment may take four to twelve months, faster than metal braces.

The whitening foam is one of the freebies patients can get from the Candid aligner treatment package. You can safely use this whitening product with your aligners up to six times per day. This whitening foam is ideal as a breath freshener and for cleaning and disinfecting your aligners.

Meanwhile, the company does not offer nighttime-only aligners. Sadly, you will pay extra for their replacement retainers, which you can get free from NewSmile. While Candid accepts FSA, HSA, and other insurance, not many customers are satisfied with customer service.

Should you wish to learn more about what Candid can offer, you may visit their official website:

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Clear Aligners

  • Can I get aligners without consulting a dentist?
    Never fail to consult your dentist in matters concerning oral health. It would be best to consult a dental professional before ordering clear aligners. They will help you with the pros and cons and help you achieve the desired results concerning straightening your teeth and oral health.
  • How long do I have to wear aligners?
    Depending on the individual's need, one may wear aligners from a couple of months to a year. One may need to wear it for 8-10 months for those wearing night aligners.
  • Should I keep my Invisible Aligners?
    Yes, keep them. Never throw your aligners away, even after the step, and you might need them later to back track. Always keep them safe and away from pets and children.
  • Can I get aligners if I have a missing tooth?
    Yes, you can.
  • How can I keep my aligners clean?
    You must keep your aligners clean by ensuring that your mouth is clean. Brush and floss your teeth always before wearing your aligners to keep them clean and avoid plaque and bacteria build-up. Avoid habits that may stain your teeth, like smoking and drinking sodas and coffee. Also, ask your dentist about cleaning solutions for your aligners.
  • How long do I need to wear aligners?
    It depends on the severity of the teeth misalignment condition. But usually, you will need to wear it within four to six months. The average is five months for night aligners, but some may need to wear it for eight to ten months, depending on the case.
  • Can I speed up the treatment?
    No, you can't. Clear aligners are designed to move your teeth and put them in position slowly and in increments at proper intervals. It can negatively impact your treatment if you speed up the process and might cause damage to your teeth and gums.
  • Is clear alignment treatment safe?
    It is safe. Materials used for making clear aligners are all FDA-approved and deemed fit for oral wear. However, it would be best to consult your dentist first before having a clear aligner treatment. Upon wearing clear aligners, you might have other preexisting conditions that may impact your overall oral health.
  • Can I get these clear aligners outside of the United States?
    Yes, some brands deliver outside of the country, while others have branches worldwide.
  • How do I keep my clear aligners clean?
    Some habits like constant drinking of coffee might stain your teeth. Make sure that your mouth is clean before wearing them. You must brush and floss your teeth constantly before wearing your aligners to prevent plaque and bacteria buildup. Some habits, like drinking tea, coffee, or sodas, and smoking, may stain your teeth, so minimize their consumption as much as possible. Some cleaning solutions are also available and made specifically for cleaning clear aligners. You can ask your dentist about it.
  • How can I know if I am fit to have clear aligners?
    You need to answer some questions. In the case of NewSmile, take the "Smile Assessment Quiz" to know if you are a perfect candidate to wear their clear aligners.
  • What comes with my clear aligners?
    Aligners usually come with a set of retainers and a whitening kit. Some brands offer it as freebies while others do not.

Final Thoughts

NewSmile and Candid offer attractive products and services that many patients dealing with teeth misalignment find beneficial.

While Candid works with licensed dental specialists with many years of experience in the dental industry, their aligner treatment seems not affordable, especially for patients with budget constraints.

Surprisingly, NewSmile can offer what Candid offers at a much more affordable cost, giving opportunities to more patients to correct their minor to moderate teeth misalignment conditions in no time.

In terms of quick, safe, convenient, affordable, and satisfying results, coupled with excellent customer service, NewSmile appears to be in the lead compared to other costly teeth straightening providers.

Aside from their thorough and effective aligner treatment service, their patients can also enjoy amazing freebies such as a free set of retainers and a whitening kit.

Best Value

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Get $100 OFF invisible aligners


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Dr. Shadi Hosseini, DDS

A teledentistry enthusiast, Dr. Shadi Hosseini has been featured on Good Morning America, as well as Men's Health Magazine. She has practiced in multiple states including cities such as  Manhattan, NY, and Beverly Hills, CA. She brings over 15 years of experience being an Invisalign Gold provider.



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