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NewSmile vs. Invisalign


All of us want to have that friendly, lovely smile. The truth is, it gives us confidence. A great smile goes a long way. Whether winning new friends or acquaintances, landing a job, or doing better in interviews, having that lovely smile is something everyone quickly notices. All of us will go the extra mile in having one.

Having that desired smile is no longer a problem with modern dental technology. Dental offices can do anything from having shiny white teeth to properly aligning crooked teeth. All solutions are available, and your dentist is more than willing to offer you the best when you finally have that friendly, lovely smile.

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Who doesn't want a wonderful smile?

For crooked teeth, for instance, clear aligners are now primarily available. Many considered it a perfect alternative to having braces that many considered expensive and too much of a hassle.


There are a lot of brands offering clear aligners in the market. We will compare two more renowned brands: New Smile and Invisalign. The comparison could give you a better idea of what could be the best for you.

What ae clear aligners?

But what are clear aligners?


Clear aligners are a specific type of dental appliance made of plastic material. Designed to align or correct teeth misalignment properly, they can be a solution to various problems such as misaligned or crooked teeth, gapped ones, overbite, underbite, and crowded teeth.


They work more or less like those traditional braces, but they do not have metal wires. Instead, they are primarily of plastic, white material. Even those elastic parts of the clear aligners, like the rubber bands, are colored white, barely noticeable.

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Some people prefer aligners over braces.

The color of clear aligners perfectly matches the teeth, rendering them almost natural. Hence, they are also popularly known as invisible aligners, and they are barely noticeable when one wears them.


For those with mild misalignment, wearing clear aligners is more desirable than spending that much on braces. They are cheaper and more convenient compared to traditional braces—no need to spend that much if a less complicated solution is available.

All those reasons make clear aligners a better alternative for many. It is valid for youngsters and adults alike, who may find wearing braces with metal wires too cumbersome and inconvenient.


A particular clear aligner works by applying gradual, consistent pressure on your teeth. They then stimulate the so-called osteoclastic and osteoblastic activity, and it is the key to improved appearance and function of the patient's teeth.


You may need to wear clear aligners for 20 hours daily for the duration of the clear alignment treatment. The length of therapy may depend on the condition and appearance of the teeth. A short, clear alignment treatment may last up to four months, while a longer one may last up to six months.


You will need a series of clear aligners as you progress in the treatment. But you will need to wear invisible alignment for three weeks before you change to the other one. Overall, clear alignment therapy needs a far shorter duration than braces.


Some people find braces inconvenient, and would rather have aligners or even retainers.

Why wear clear alignments instead of having braces?

And why would others, even dentists, prefer clear alignments over braces? Here are some of the reasons:


  • They are far more comfortable than traditional braces. They do not irritate your gums and cheeks the way braces do.


  • The alignment therapy effectively straightens the patient's teeth for a far shorter period than traditional braces.

  • They are far more efficient in eliminating tooth wear caused by grinding.


  • They are far cheaper compared to traditional braces.


  • They are easy to maintain, can be removed quickly, and clean easily, unlike traditional braces.


  • Alignment therapy is as efficient as traditional braces at a lower price and low-cost maintenance.



Initially based in Canada, NewSmile expanded its operations into the US and is considered one of the Young Turks in dental industry technology. They boast of a comprehensive payment plan that allows the patient or client to pick the best payment option plan they deemed best for them.


Compared to other brands, they offer far less expensive and more comfortable invisible aligners. They also monitor your clear aligners remotely, so you need to wear them properly.


Specific candidates will easily qualify for the invisible aligners NewSmile offers. Those with mild or moderate teeth misalignment cases are perfect candidates for invisible aligners.


To be more precise, here are the conditions that may qualify one from getting NewSmile alignment therapy:


  • Adults and teeners that have small gaps in their teeth


  • People with mild or moderate overlapping and crowding teeth


  • Those with other minor issues concerning biting and spacing


Severe teeth misalignment may necessitate having traditional braces. It is better to find out if you are qualified to have an at-home aligner therapy by visiting the website You need to take the "Smile Assessment Quiz" before getting an impression kit.


Good thing that you can have a refund on the impression kit if you do not qualify for the at-home alignment therapy.


Important Reminder: You may have other dental applications, like dental crowns, other implants, or bridges which might eventually affect the movement of your teeth. These things could make you unqualified for NewSmile invisible aligners. Better talk to your dentists about it and your oral health in general.

How To Get Your First Pair Of Invisible Aligners From NewSmile?

Step 1: You need to take the "Smile Assessment Exam"

NewSmile must know your overall teeth condition. They will ask you to smile and take some photos of your teeth. They will ask you about certain expectations regarding their therapy.

If you passed the assessment, you need to enter your payment details and send you the impression kit.

Step 2:  Make your impression.

Upon receiving the impression kit, you need to make a mold impression of your teeth. Using the impression, they will create invisible aligners. After making a teeth impression, you need to send it back so they can start making the virtual treatment preview.


Step 3:  The Virtual Treatment Preview


NewSmile will make a virtual treatment preview of your teeth based on your teeth impression. They will show you the 3D animation of your smile; then, using 3D, they will show how your teeth will improve and have a new look using their alignment treatment in a few months.

You need to review it and approve it before proceeding with the alignment treatment. If you have any questions, you can have a video call with their impression specialist, who will answer your queries.

Step 4: Sending your orders

Once you settle everything, you will receive your invisible aligners regularly. Included in the package are other freebies such as whitening treatment and retainers.

Be sure to use the aligners according to the instructions given. Follow them faithfully for optimum results.


  • The materials used for NewSmile clear aligners and those with other freebies are all FDA-approved.


  • The materials chosen are suitable and comfortable to wear, using the latest available scientific and dental technology. The design also makes it more comfortable and convenient to wear, reducing or preventing gum irritation.


  • It comes with other freebies like a whitening kit and retainers.

  • You can always check the NewSmile App for remote monitoring.


  • You can consult with the impression specialist via video call.


  • Night aligners are also available if you prefer wearing them as you sleep instead of using them in the daytime.


  • You can always access online support.


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They have the clearest, transparent aligners on the market today.

You can take the "Smile Assessment Quiz" anytime to determine if you can qualify for NewSmile clear aligners or not.


It is risk-free. If you do not qualify for a NewSmile clear aligner, you get a refund.


You can have the option of having a daytime aligner or a nighttime aligner.


It costs way less than other brands, with clear aligners costing less than 1,500 dollars.

It costs far less than traditional braces, approximately 75 percent less than usual. You saved a lot of money for almost the same efficiency.


You have the option of paying fully or paying monthly. A full payment costs $1,395 for day aligners, with $83 for monthly payment. Night aligners cost $1,495, with the monthly option costing $88.


There is no need for frequent visits to the dental office because of remote treatment.


An orthodontist is always available to guide you and assist you.


Customer service is available anytime. You can make inquiries or ask any questions about clear aligners and aligner treatment.


  • It is only for mild and moderate teeth misalignments. Those with complex issues may need traditional braces and cannot avail of NewSmile clear aligners.

  • There are few comprehensive reviews of NewSmile, due to the company being relatively new in the field.


  • Though comfortable and convenient to wear, daily maintenance itself could consume time and may inconvenience some people, especially those busy ones.

The Verdict

The crux of the matter regarding NewSmile clear aligners is that you must pass the "Smile Assessment Quiz." You should seek approval from an orthodontist or dentist before you starting any teeth alignment procedure, and need to settle some oral health issues before you can avail yourself of their alignment treatment.

But once you have done so, it is smooth sailing from there. You have to follow NewSmile's guidelines and instructions, from taking your teeth impression to wearing your clear aligners.

Overall, here are the reasons why NewSmile is better than most brands and why you should prefer it over others:


  • Considering the pros and the cons, having your clear aligners from them is a low-risk, high reward endeavor.


  • They cost less in comparison to most brands.


  • They deliver the same efficiency and results as others despite being of lesser cost.


  • It provides you with far better-paying options.


  • They concentrate on solving issues surrounding mild and moderate teeth misalignment. Their expertise then revolves around that area, and so are their efforts, making them more responsive and efficient in what they claim.


  • It comes with other freebies which may not be available to other brands.


  • They have round-the-clock customer service, and a friendly, reliable one too.


  • The method they use is unique but effective.


  • Less hassle, you can undergo at home, clear alignment treatment, 100 percent.


If you want to have your teeth aligners from them, or have questions or inquiries, pay a visit to their website, They would be more than happy to answer your queries concerning clear aligners and clear alignment treatment.

Use the discount code STARTJOURNEY for $100 OFF when you get started



Invisalign boasts more than two decades of experience dealing with dental technology. Established by Stanford graduates, their products hit the market at the turn of the century. As a company, they were listed publicly in 2001 and are now considered one of the most significant dental companies globally. Its value is more than a billion dollars.

They have branches across the US and different countries, serving thousands of clients yearly. Their websites claim that they have served 12 million clients, making them one of the most sought-after dental companies worldwide.


Making clear alignments is a billion-dollar industry

Their services would undoubtedly include not only treating mild and moderate cases of teeth misalignment. They also have clear alignment treatment for those having more complex issues concerning teeth misalignment.

Considering their popularity, experience, and expertise, they are one of the more expensive brands available in the market today. The cost is almost the same as having traditional braces, depending on the complexity of teeth misalignment and the treatment.


Invisalign treats the following teeth misalignment issues:


  • Overbite

  • Underbite

  • Crossbite

  • Crowded teeth

  • Gap teeth

  • Open bite


And any other issues about having straighter teeth. They could treat extreme, severe, and complex cases concerning those mentioned. In short, they have treatment for almost any other issue concerning teeth misalignment.

How To Get Your First Pair Of Invisible Aligners From Invisalign?

Step 1: Take their free assessment


You have to answer questions about your personal circumstances, availability, readiness to have clear alignment treatment, and your actual teeth misalignment condition.

Step 2: Find an Invisalign trained doctor


You need a doctor trained explicitly for handling Invisalign to assess your teeth misalignment condition and diagnose it properly. The doctor will examine you and make appropriate recommendations based on the findings.

Step 3: Wear your aligners


You can start the treatment and start wearing your aligners once you have them. You need to wear those aligners for 22 hours to achieve the desired results.                                                                                                                 


Important reminder: You need to visit the dental office now and then, usually every six to eight weeks upon starting the treatment. Treatment lasts up to six months.

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 Some require that you visit the dental office for further checkups.


  • It uses SmartTrack Material, explicitly made for the Invisalign system, to ensure a greater, more comfortable fit.


  • It uses a 3D scanner to have an accurate image of your teeth for a more accurate diagnosis.


  • Each aligner is trimmed to suit your needs or a particular client.


  • Examined regularly to ensure that they meet the Invisalign standards.


  • Use advanced scanning for greater accuracy.


  • It uses mapping software that allows the dentist to measure the right amount of force for tooth movement accurately.

  • It uses software that allows the doctor to track tooth movement correctly and at the right time.


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Have more than two decades of experience in the field of dental technology

Invisalign treats many teeth misalignment conditions, from mild and moderate cases to complex, extreme, and severe ones.

Uses the highest technology and software available

Very high level of accuracy


  • It is costly, even by industry standards.

  • The costing varies according to specific cases and teeth misalignment conditions.

  • There is not that much of a gap or difference in prices between having clear aligners from Invisalign and having traditional braces.

  • You need to find a doctor specifically trained or has intimate knowledge of the Invisalign system.

  • You need to visit the dental office now and then for checkups.

  • You need frequent intervention from your dentist to track tooth movement and your clear alignment treatment progress.

  • Like other clear aligners, it needs daily maintenance, resulting in inconvenience and may consume time.

The Verdict


The latest dental technology makes oral health treatment more accurate.

At first glance, the experience and reputation of Invisalign are imposing indeed. It is hard to argue against a company that has serviced millions of clients across the US and other countries for more than twenty years. Add to them the supposedly high levels of accuracy and the latest technology they use in their clear alignment therapy.

But there are some things worth considering. It could be the case where a company's reputation precedes service and efficiency. Their more than twenty years of experience is undoubtedly commendable, but it could be the case of paying too much for efficiency.

Let us have a more specific breakdown of our verdict concerning Invisalign:


    * Considering the cost, the hassle, and what they offer to the table, it could be a high-risk, high reward undertaking. You get results, no doubt, but at the risk of spending too much.


  • You still need to go to the dental office now and then and have a dentist's intervention. It might be an unnecessary hassle, considering that you already spend that much.


  • It is not advisable for those who want a 100 percent at-home, clear alignment treatment.


  • There is no significant difference between Invisalign and traditional braces in costs and pricing. Some patients might opt for traditional braces instead of clear aligners if this is the case.


  • Since there is a big gap between Invisalign clear aligners and other brands such as NewSmile for mild and moderate teeth misalignment conditions, some people might opt for less expensive clear aligners.


Invisalign offers six months of treatment, with dental checkups and visits to the dental office every six to eight weeks. If you want to know more about Invisalign and its clear alignment treatment, visit their website at

  • Can I get aligners without consulting a dentist?
    Never fail to consult your dentist in matters concerning oral health. It would be best to consult a dental professional before ordering clear aligners. They will help you with the pros and cons and help you achieve the desired results concerning straightening your teeth and oral health.
  • How long do I have to wear aligners?
    Depending on the individual's need, one may wear aligners from a couple of months to a year. One may need to wear it for 8-10 months for those wearing night aligners.
  • Should I keep my Invisible Aligners?
    Yes, keep them. Never throw your aligners away, even after the step, and you might need them later to back track. Always keep them safe and away from pets and children.
  • Can I get aligners if I have a missing tooth?
    Yes, you can.
  • How can I keep my aligners clean?
    You must keep your aligners clean by ensuring that your mouth is clean. Brush and floss your teeth always before wearing your aligners to keep them clean and avoid plaque and bacteria build-up. Avoid habits that may stain your teeth, like smoking and drinking sodas and coffee. Also, ask your dentist about cleaning solutions for your aligners.
  • How long do I need to wear aligners?
    It depends on the severity of the teeth misalignment condition. But usually, you will need to wear it within four to six months. The average is five months for night aligners, but some may need to wear it for eight to ten months, depending on the case.
  • Can I speed up the treatment?
    No, you can't. Clear aligners are designed to move your teeth and put them in position slowly and in increments at proper intervals. It can negatively impact your treatment if you speed up the process and might cause damage to your teeth and gums.
  • Is clear alignment treatment safe?
    It is safe. Materials used for making clear aligners are all FDA-approved and deemed fit for oral wear. However, it would be best to consult your dentist first before having a clear aligner treatment. Upon wearing clear aligners, you might have other preexisting conditions that may impact your overall oral health.
  • Can I get these clear aligners outside of the United States?
    Yes, some brands deliver outside of the country, while others have branches worldwide.
  • How do I keep my clear aligners clean?
    Some habits like constant drinking of coffee might stain your teeth. Make sure that your mouth is clean before wearing them. You must brush and floss your teeth constantly before wearing your aligners to prevent plaque and bacteria buildup. Some habits, like drinking tea, coffee, or sodas, and smoking, may stain your teeth, so minimize their consumption as much as possible. Some cleaning solutions are also available and made specifically for cleaning clear aligners. You can ask your dentist about it.
  • How can I know if I am fit to have clear aligners?
    You need to answer some questions. In the case of NewSmile, take the "Smile Assessment Quiz" to know if you are a perfect candidate to wear their clear aligners.
  • What comes with my clear aligners?
    Aligners usually come with a set of retainers and a whitening kit. Some brands offer it as freebies while others do not.

Final Thoughts

If we examine carefully, some things stand out for NewSmile, making it a far better alternative even against an experienced company such as Invisalign.

Invisalign has a vast experience in dental technology, a more established reputation, and a proven track record. They serve thousands of clients yearly and have expertise concerning almost everything about clear alignment treatment.

Those who need clear alignment treatment for a more severe or complex case of teeth misalignment would benefit from their system. The Invisalign system necessitates frequent dentist intervention and regular visits to the dental office.


Your dentist must give you the best, most practical, available option that suits you.

A complex case needs more care, intervention, and checkup. Spending more, therefore, is not capricious; it is necessary. The more extreme or severe the teeth misalignment, the more you need intervention and deployment of necessary technology for accuracy. 

But it is different when it comes to mild and moderate cases of teeth misalignment. Going for more expensive ones does not entail any comparative advantage, so it is unnecessary. The level of technology and expertise needed is available in other brands, and you can have the same results while paying for less.

And here, it is clear that NewSmile has certain advantages and could be more beneficial. They offer a comprehensive package that is more affordable and includes a lot of freebies. Comparatively speaking, an Invisalign clear aligner could cost more than double that of a NewSmile aligner having the same purpose. The choice is obvious.

But not only are they less expensive, but they also provide more payment options for their customers. Also, once a patient passes the assessment, it is easy to process the order. And it is possible to process everything without one leaving their home at all.

They do not require frequent intervention or regular visits to the dental office regarding alignment treatment. One can have a 100 percent at-home clear alignment treatment if everything is perfect.

To summarize, NewSmile offers the same efficient treatment for mild and moderate teeth misalignment conditions at a far lesser price and with less or without hassle. It may be too much to say that it is a bargain, but considering the relative comfort and convenience you will have, the same offered by others, you can undoubtedly treat it as one.  In our opinion, NewSmile is the top choice for mild to moderate cases - you save $3,500-$6,000 for similar results.

Best Value

NewSmile-Canada-Logo_no background.png

Get $100 OFF invisible aligners

Final Thoughts

Verified and approved.


Dr. Shadi Hosseini, DDS

A teledentistry enthusiast, Dr. Shadi Hosseini has been featured on Good Morning America, as well as Men's Health Magazine. She has practiced in multiple states including cities such as  Manhattan, NY, and Beverly Hills, CA. She brings over 15 years of experience being an Invisalign Gold provider.


Top dentists and orthodontists will provide opinions so that you can make your choice.

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