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Do you find it awkward to smile more confidently and socialize because you worry that others will notice your crooked or misaligned teeth? Besides a pretty face, people get easily attracted by a contagious smile; however, poorly positioned teeth can ruin an attractive smile. 

Fortunately, you can now solve this by scheduling a dental appointment for a consultation and examination to get the proper treatment for your specific case. Nowadays, dentists offer patients a wide range of solutions to improve and treat their crooked and misaligned teeth and other related cases.

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Smile Direct Club vs NewSmile

What are clear aligners?


Also known as invisible aligners, clear aligners are made using sturdy plastic material wherein the aligner trays are custom-made to precisely fit each patient's mouth. They are more reasonably priced and convenient alternatives to regular braces.

Clear aligners are purposely designed to correct mild to moderate cases of teeth misalignment. They can fix gapped teeth, crooked or misaligned teeth, overbite, crowded teeth, underbite, and other related cases.

Like traditional braces, clear aligners use a moderate force to adjust tooth movement. However, the main difference is that invisible aligners don't require brackets or metal wires. They are also less noticeable because their color blends well with the color of natural teeth.

The rubber bands and other elastic components used in invisible braces are also white. Since clear aligners offer more convenience and benefits, teenagers and adults will find them better options. Meanwhile, for patients requiring a series of aligners, each aligner works by helping move your teeth in increments until they attain the appropriate movement. If you want to see noticeable and effective results, you need to wear clear aligners for a minimum of 20 hours per day.

Before changing to the next one, you will need to wear invisible aligners for three weeks. Depending on the severity of your teeth condition, the duration of your aligner treatment may differ. A short aligner treatment may require three months, while an extended aligner treatment may take six months or more. Compared to regular braces, aligner treatment calls for a shorter treatment.

What are clear aligners?
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Some of the perks of wearing clear aligners include:

•  They don't irritate your cheeks and gums because clear aligners don't cause severe discomfort as traditional braces do.

•  Compared to traditional braces, invisible aligner treatment effectively straightens your teeth in a shorter period.

•  Clear aligners significantly help improve overall dental health and wellness.

•  They're easy to remove and clean, so they're not high maintenance, unlike traditional braces.

•  There's no need to visit your dentist more often.

•  Clear aligners work excellently in preventing tooth wear caused by grinding.

•  They are more convenient and less expensive, making them ideal options for teens and adults.


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Originally headquartered in Canada, NewSmile has a US office and is a newer brand of clear aligners. The best thing about this company is that patients can get aligner treatment with a monthly payment plan, or you can also pay upfront if you want.  


They offer less expensive, comfortable, and convenient at-home invisible aligners. Nonetheless, you must wear your clear aligners properly because they monitor your aligner treatment remotely. Please note that only mild to moderate cases of teeth misalignment are qualified to undergo an at-home aligner treatment. If you have more complex cases, you might require traditional metal braces or Invisalign.

You can find out if you're a candidate for an at-home aligner treatment by visiting the official website of NewSmile at It's essential to take the "Smile Assessment" quiz first before getting an impression kit.

The delightful news is that you can get a refund on the impression kit if you're not qualified for the aligner treatment.


Who is more likely to be qualified for NewSmile aligner treatment?


•     people with small gaps between their teeth

•     mild to moderate teeth overlapping or crowding

•     other minor spacing or bite issues


Important Reminder: Dental implants, crowns, and bridges might affect the movement of your teeth, making you unqualified for NewSmile. It's also vital to settle all your oral health issues first. 

Ask your dentist if it's necessary to have your wisdom tooth pulled out before starting your at-home aligner treatment.

How does getting your first pair of invisible aligners from NewSmile work?

Step 1: Take the smile assessment assessment

Initially, they will ask for information about your teeth condition, such as your smile and a photo of your teeth, and the changes you're expecting to achieve.

After you have finished the assessment, they will ask you to enter your payment details so they can send you an impression kit.

Step 2: Make your impression.

When you've already received the impression kit they sent you in the mail, you may now conveniently create a mold impression of your teeth. Once done, you can send the impression back to them so they can carry out your treatment preview.

Tip: You may refer to NewSmile's blog about the essential guides for making teeth impressions at home.


Step 3: Review your straighter teeth in 3D.


By examining your teeth impression, NewSmile will send you a virtual treatment preview, which is in the form of a 3D animation of your present smile. Moreover, they will demonstrate your unique four to six months long, weekly smile transformation.

If you have any concerns, you may refer to their impression specialist through a video call. This approach helps NewSmile to make the necessary adjustments before preparing the aligners for you.

Step 4: Confirm your order.

When you finally agree and settle with the process, you will start receiving your aligners through the mail every two weeks, together with the free whitening treatments from NewSmile. 


Be sure to follow the guidelines on using the aligners to achieve desirable results. Luckily, the instructions are a breeze! 


•  NewSmile's clear aligners are BPA-free, latex-free, and FDA-approved. They use invisible aligners fabricated using Raintree Essix plastic, the clearest plastic available for aligners at present.

•  You can refer to their video call with an impression specialist to guarantee precision.

•  If you don't prefer to wear aligners during the day, NewSmile offers night aligners that work similarly to daytime aligners. 

•  They offer a free set of retainers and a whitening kit.

•  You can refer to the NewSmile App for remote monitoring.

•  Their at-home aligners come with scalloped edges that execute an excellent job of inhibiting gum irritation.



You receive a refund on the impression kit if you are not eligible for NewSmile aligner treatment.

NewSmile treatment is way more affordable than other brands as it costs less than two thousand dollars, 75% less than traditional braces.

Your monthly payment option amounts to $83 per month, while full payment amounts to $1,395. NewSmile aligner treatment helps clients save more bucks than opting for traditional braces.


This brand's invisible aligners also work on multiple teeth, making the length of treatment shorter. 


The company offers remote treatment, which does not require frequent dentist visits.


An orthodontist will guide you on your treatment to ensure accuracy and safety.


You can instantly access their "Smile Assessment Quiz" online to determine if you're qualified for the treatment or not.


You can rest assured of getting outstanding customer service 24/7 for any concerns or queries you may have.

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•    Since NewSmile is a new company, finding more comprehensive reviews is challenging but there are lot on YouTube and Google.

•    Daily maintenance can be inconvenient and time-consuming for busy people.

•    They recommend NewSmile aligner treatment for mild to moderate cases only.


Overall, it's necessary to get approval from a NewSmile orthodontist or dentist to determine if you're qualified for the aligner treatment. You can determine if the treatment is suitable for you by understanding the basics.

NewSmile might be the suitable choice for your orthodontic treatment if you wish to:

•      have the clearest aligner available on the market today

•      undergo a 100% remote type of treatment

•      try a unique method of straightening your teeth

•      spend less and don't prefer Invisalign and metal braces

•      experience professional, excellent, and friendly customer service

NewSmile offers affordable deals, and fast and convenient straightening of your teeth, boosting your confidence! You can order their impression kit for only $49; best of all, you'll receive a full refund if you are not qualified for the treatment.

If you don't have enough money to pay upfront, you can refer to their monthly payment offer. NewSmile aligner treatment requires you to wear the aligner for 22 hours per day, and the entire treatment will take six months to finish.

If you are interested in NewSmile and would like to learn more about their offers, you can visit their official website.


Use the discount code STARTJOURNEY for $100 OFF when you get started


SmileDirectClub has been in the business for six years, and they're known for providing affordable and convenient remote teeth straightening treatment. Their aligner treatment is roughly 60% less than traditional braces.

This company collaborates with licensed dentists, orthodontists, and physicians to ensure that the treatment they provide operates smoothly.

SDC offers an impression kit wherein their tray aligners are manufactured using sleek, comfortable, and BPA-free plastic material. They offer invisible aligners specifically designed to help straighten teeth gradually in small increments.

Their aligners are removable and straightforward to clean. However, please note that their aligners are purposely to treat minor to moderate teeth alignment cases only, such as: 

•     Gapped teeth

This case refers to small gaps situated between one or several teeth.

•     Crowded teeth

This case refers to having crooked or overlapping teeth.

SDC also fixes other minor to moderate bite issues. Open bites, overbites, crossbites, and underbites usually call for more extensive treatment with metal braces.


How does getting your first pair of invisible aligners from SmileDirectClub work?

Step 1: Choose between two options: 3D scan or impression kit?

SDC will create a 3D image of your teeth so that they can check your case and they can design a treatment plan customized for you.

They will offer you two options: use their impression starter kit so that you can create impressions by yourself and send them to them. Or, visit a SmileShop for an in-person scan.

Step 2: SDC will create a treatment plan specifically customized for you.

Their licensed doctor will go over your teeth photos and 3D images and study your medical history so that he can prescribe and administer the treatment plan customized for you.

SDC utilizes gilt-edge aligner innovations such as Comfort Sense™ to move your teeth slowly and Smart Sculpt™ to ensure accurate planning. The company also lets clients select their wear schedule that fits their lifestyle best.

Wear schedule options include ten continuous hours only at night or 22 hours per day.


Step 3: Get your clear aligners and begin the treatment.

SDC will create the clear aligners customized for you and send them to you within two to three weeks. For any concerns and queries, you can have 24/7 access to SDC's dental care team and enjoy regular virtual Smile Check-ins™.

It's unnecessary to visit a dentist often so that the treatment won't interfere with your hectic schedule. More importantly, you will start noticing results in 60 days.


• This company employs advanced aligner innovations like Comfort Sense™, which is purposely for moving your teeth slowly, and the Smart Sculpt™, which ensures accurate planning.

• SmileDirectClub offers clients two options: Visit a SmileShop for a 3D scan or images consultation or order their impression kit online

• They offer you free whitening treatment. You can also avail their premium whitening offer at an additional cost. 

• SDC offers 24/7 access to SDC's dental care team and regular virtual Smile Check-ins™ throughout your aligner treatment.

•   This company offers a Lifetime Smile Guarantee, and comes in at the highest price of at-home clear aligner providers.

Smile Direct Club


Ultimately, SmileDirectClub is not a new company, and it's recognized for offering top-quality at-home clear aligners. However, SDC can only fix minor to moderate teeth misalignment cases, which means they won't be able to offer you solutions for more complicated teeth issues.

For those who are having problems with minor to moderate tooth misalignment concerns and do not have enough budget for metal braces, SmileDirectClub might be of help.


SDC lets you select your payment method, and your insurance may cover a portion of your SDC clear aligners. SmileDirectClub accepts CareCredit, FSA, and HSA.


Since they offer remote at-home aligner treatment, there's no need for frequent orthodontist visits, which might be slightly troubleseome during emergencies or when complications occur.


Meanwhile, SDC recommends their clients to visit a SmileShop so that they can ensure that their aligner trays precisely fit them. This is beneficial for those who do not prefer ordering an impression kit and taking them by themselves.

SDC's average treatment period is between four and six months. However, some people require more extended treatment in most cases, specifically if they require more refinements.

After you have completed your aligner treatment, SDC will encourage you to maintain a retainer subscription. This offer consists of buying the $99 devices twice a year so that your teeth will remain correctly aligned.

One thing worth noting is that during the pandemic, SDC reportedly closed 95% of their stores, and they are now slowly re-opening. If all things were to be equal, and you were to do everything at-home, our top choice is NewSmile. The  straightening process with NewSmile is $700+ less than SDC, and includes a free set of retainers (while you have to pay for a set with SDC), giving the most value for your dollar.

If you're interested to learn more about SDC's offer, you can get $100 OFF their aligners - CLICK HERE 

Best Value

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Get $100 OFF invisible aligners

  • Can I get aligners without consulting a dentist?
    Never fail to consult your dentist in matters concerning oral health. It would be best to consult a dental professional before ordering clear aligners. They will help you with the pros and cons and help you achieve the desired results concerning straightening your teeth and oral health.
  • How long do I have to wear aligners?
    Depending on the individual's need, one may wear aligners from a couple of months to a year. One may need to wear it for 8-10 months for those wearing night aligners.
  • Should I keep my Invisible Aligners?
    Yes, keep them. Never throw your aligners away, even after the step, and you might need them later to back track. Always keep them safe and away from pets and children.
  • Can I get aligners if I have a missing tooth?
    Yes, you can.
  • How can I keep my aligners clean?
    You must keep your aligners clean by ensuring that your mouth is clean. Brush and floss your teeth always before wearing your aligners to keep them clean and avoid plaque and bacteria build-up. Avoid habits that may stain your teeth, like smoking and drinking sodas and coffee. Also, ask your dentist about cleaning solutions for your aligners.
  • How long do I need to wear aligners?
    It depends on the severity of the teeth misalignment condition. But usually, you will need to wear it within four to six months. The average is five months for night aligners, but some may need to wear it for eight to ten months, depending on the case.
  • Can I speed up the treatment?
    No, you can't. Clear aligners are designed to move your teeth and put them in position slowly and in increments at proper intervals. It can negatively impact your treatment if you speed up the process and might cause damage to your teeth and gums.
  • Is clear alignment treatment safe?
    It is safe. Materials used for making clear aligners are all FDA-approved and deemed fit for oral wear. However, it would be best to consult your dentist first before having a clear aligner treatment. Upon wearing clear aligners, you might have other preexisting conditions that may impact your overall oral health.
  • Can I get these clear aligners outside of the United States?
    Yes, some brands deliver outside of the country, while others have branches worldwide.
  • How do I keep my clear aligners clean?
    Some habits like constant drinking of coffee might stain your teeth. Make sure that your mouth is clean before wearing them. You must brush and floss your teeth constantly before wearing your aligners to prevent plaque and bacteria buildup. Some habits, like drinking tea, coffee, or sodas, and smoking, may stain your teeth, so minimize their consumption as much as possible. Some cleaning solutions are also available and made specifically for cleaning clear aligners. You can ask your dentist about it.
  • How can I know if I am fit to have clear aligners?
    You need to answer some questions. In the case of NewSmile, take the "Smile Assessment Quiz" to know if you are a perfect candidate to wear their clear aligners.
  • What comes with my clear aligners?
    Aligners usually come with a set of retainers and a whitening kit. Some brands offer it as freebies while others do not.
Final Thoughts

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Dr. Shadi Hosseini, DDS

A teledentistry enthusiast, Dr. Shadi Hosseini has been featured on Good Morning America, as well as Men's Health Magazine. She has practiced in multiple states including cities such as  Manhattan, NY, and Beverly Hills, CA. She brings over 15 years of experience being an Invisalign Gold provider.

Final Thoughts

By digging up more about NewSmile vs. SmileDirectClub, NewSmile appears to be the better option, even though it’s a new brand.

To date, the company offers the most convenient, comfortable, clearest, and affordable clear aligners.

Licensed orthodontists and doctors direct NewSmile’s remote aligner treatment, and many clients are delighted with their reliable and friendly customer service.

It’s easy to get started with their treatment, ensuring convenience, comfort, accuracy, and excellent results.

Furthermore, NewSmile also offers freebies like a whitening kit and a free set of aligners which you can’t get from other brands because they come with an additional charge.

Their clear aligners are made from BPA-free, latex-free, and FDA-approved materials, making them safe options.

Best of all, if you are on a budget and can’t afford costly traditional braces, NewSmile offers are suitable for you.



Top dentists and orthodontists will provide opinions so that you can make your choice.

We ask licensed doctors for their opinions, and share them with you.

With the increased popularity of at-home clear aligners in recent years, we took an opportunity to provide valuable opinions for those that want to learn more. We aim to educate those who have always wanted a straighter, and more beautiful smile, and functional teeth for your whole life. It doesn’t matter what mistakes you’ve made in the past, or what you didn’t know before. Your mouth can heal itself, and it’s not too late to begin!

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